Friday Fun One: Ikea’s kama sutra guide

Ikea kama sutra

Yep, Ikea went there.

Over in the US, the Swedish furniture retailer has released an e-book that aims to give you the ultimate bedroom satisfaction.

Even the accompanying TV ad sells the idea really well: “Are you getting enough satisfaction in your bedroom?” the voice-over begins.

“If you want more, there’s no shame in that.

“Ikea has spent years studying life at home to help every bedroom lover reach the highest level of fulfilment and we’re sharing all of that expertise in this handy manual, the Ikea Kama Sutra.”

For the record, Ikea is referring to satisfaction from decorating your bedroom.

Ikea’s 44-page e-book is filled with beautiful illustrations of different bedroom positi—I mean—styles for those considering redecorating their bedroom.

Ranging from “The Lotus Flower”, to “The Busy Hands” and “The Seated Desire”, the book unpacks various bedroom furniture positions using some of Ikea’s popular ranges.

One page that stands out is “The Doggy Style” – an ingenious illustration that combines a human’s bed and a pet cushion.

The design team behind Ikea Kama Sutra said the e-book derived from the “ancient belief that every individual should have a bedroom space that satisfies their needs on both a physical and spiritual level”.

“This illustrated book, filled with ingenious positions and detailed illustrations is made to inspire lifelong satisfaction and help you master the art of loving your bedroom,” they added.

There’s no word on whether the marketing campaign would be replicated in Ikea’s UK market as yet, but you can watch the TV ad online:

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