Mr Nice-inspired “cannabis lifestyle” store opens in London

Mr Nice
// New London store called Mr Nice is inspired by drug smuggler Howard Marks
// Marks achieved notoriety as an international cannabis smuggler
// Mr Nice sells cannabis-inspired and legal products free of THC (the ingredient that makes users high)

A new “cannabis lifestyle” store has opened in London’s Soho, selling legal cannabis-inspired bath bombs, face creams, hoodies and more.

The Mr Nice store borrows its name from Howard Marks, a Welsh drug dealer and author who achieved notoriety as an international cannabis smuggler.

The new store aims to generate sales by leveraging off the increased legal trade of cannabis-inspired products.

Mr Nice labels itself as a “modern cannabis destination” that sells “carefully curated cannabis accessories from around the world”.

The clothing range at Mr Nice features an £80 short-sleeved shirt emblazoned with a marijuana leaf print as well as hoodies that offer secret pockets.

Meanwhile, plans to launch 10 more Mr Nice stores in the UK have been announced by the chief executive of Equinox International, Xan Morgan, who is responsible for the legal cannabis company behind the venture.

“We are the first cannabis lifestyle shop,” Morgan said.

“We are selling clothes and products that celebrate the positive side of cannabis culture.”

A number of stores are reportedly eyeing up CBD oil and CBD-infused products which are believed to be valued close to €1 billion (£876 million) a year in Europe.

CBD, which can be found in cannabis-inspired products, does not intoxicate users in the same way that tetrahydrocannabinol (the main ingredient found in cannabis) does – hence its growing demand in the market.

Furthermore, cannabis companies in Canada have seen their sales surge following the country’s initiative to legalise recreational cannabis last year.

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