Lidl joins the war on plastic with reusable fruit & veg bags

Lidl plastic waste reusable bags
Lidl aims to reduce plastic waste with the launch of reusable fruit & veg bags
// Lidl becomes latest UK grocer to launch reusable fruit & veg bags
// The bags are priced at 69p for two
// Lidl aims to reduce plastic packaging by 20% by 2022

Lidl has become the latest grocer to introduce reusable fruit and veg bags in its stores across the UK, in a bid to reduce plastic waste.

The bags are priced at 69p for two, and offer customers a reusable alternative to plastic single-use, small fruit and vegetable bags.

The German discounter remains firm on its commitment to combat plastic waste, and has said it aims to reduce plastic packaging by 20 per cent by 2022.

“Ever since we opened our doors in Great Britain, 25 years ago, we have been strongly committed to finding ways to reduce our plastic waste,” Lidl UK head of corporate social responsibility Georgina Hall said.

Meanwhile, Lidl’s initiative to remove all single-use carrier bags from sale in 2017 resulted in 26 million fewer plastic bags being sold annually.

In late July this year, Big 4 grocer Sainsbury’s announced plans to replace loose fruit and veg plastic bags for reusable produce bags as part of a one-month trial.

It allows shoppers to choose to use their own containers to package the produce or purchase a reusable drawstring bag made from 100 per cent recycled materials for 30p.

Meanwhile, Morrisons last year reintroduced traditional brown paper bags in stores for loose fresh fruit and vegetables, which are made from 100 per cent recyclable paper.

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  1. Likewise. Each time I shop in Lidl I see little or no improvement in their reduction of plastic. Selling these bags is a publicity stunt when there is so little sold loose! Went to nearby Tesco’s and used every one of my bags (bought way before Lidl introduced them!) Plus they provided somewhere to put any plastic removed from products. Not good enough Lidl! I bet your continental branches are way ahead of you!

    • I am a regular LIDL shopper, i havce lately noticed a few changes for the better. Cottage cheese now comes without the plastic lids and also the deluxe pizzas now have a cardboard base instead of a plastic one.


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