New Look becomes first fashion retailer to launch vegan range

New Look The Vegan Society veganism new range sustainability
New Look joins forces with The Vegan Society to launch vegan fashion range
// New Look teams up with The Vegan Society to launch vegan range
// New Look has created a designated vegan page on its website to make shopping ethical
// The collection features 500 footwear and accessory pieces

New Look has become the first fashion retailer to sell vegan products, as part of its partnership with The Vegan Society.

The retailer launched around 500 footwear and accessory pieces that are entirely free from animal-derived components.

Its PU faux leather and metal hardware have undergone a process that does not use animal products.

“We keep our supply chain transparent. This ensures that the hardware and adhesives on our vegan shoes and bags do not undergo chemical treatments that contain animal products,” New Look said.

The collection includes footwear and accessories, and is available online now and in store from September.

“Veganism has leapt from our diets into our wardrobes. For the first time ever, New Look has designed a host of vegan shoes and bags that are free from animal products.”

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  1. So the vegans will be happy knowing that no animals were used, but we’ll just increase our use of petrochemicals and destructive mining to keep them happy. Hypocritical much?


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