Moss Bros makes new Eco Suit out of plastic bottles & corozo nuts

Moss Bros has launched its
Moss Bros said that every detail in its Eco Suit was consciously chosen for its low impact on the environment.
// Moss Bros’ new “Eco Suit” is made from recycled and natural materials
// Each suit is made from up to 45 plastic bottles which otherwise would have been sent to a landfill
// Moss Bros is prioritising sustainability by creating new initiatives with suppliers & exploring packaging alternatives

Moss Bros has launched its “Eco Suit”, a new menswear item made from recycled and natural materials.

Each suit is made from up to 45 plastic bottles which ]otherwise would have been sent to a landfill.

The suits are cut from recycled polyester-blend cloth – a green fabric obtained from used plastic bottles.

They also feature canvas and trims that were consciously chosen for their low impact on the environment.



This launch follows growing consumer awareness of the fashion industry’s role in fuelling global pollution.

Made in India, the Eco Suit is lined with fabric that is a minimum of 99 per cent post-consumer recycled polyester.

The thread is made from 100 per cent recycled polyester yarns, as well as corozo nut buttons which are 100 per cent natural and durable, renewable and biodegradable.

“The textile industry is one of the worst offenders for polluting the environment,” Moss Bros said on its website.

“Our goal is to reduce our impact anywhere we can.

“We’re committed to closing the loop and moving towards sustainable manufacturing processes.”

Moss Bros is also using recyclable polybags while investigating biodegradable ones for seasonal ranges.

It has set up recycling bins within stores to responsibly dispose of its plastic polybags.

Meanwhile, the retailer’s suit bags are made from polypropylene, an “eco-friendly material that’s durable and breathable but also free from toxic dye and will biodegrade when you’re finished with it – keeping it out the landfill”.

On the supplier front, Moss Bros is calling for them to minimise their impact on the environment by encouraging them to use responsible manufacturing processes, harness greener energy and innovate in alternative materials that are kinder to the environment.

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