Mobile Technology Trends In Retail e-book

Retailers want to become far more experimental with some of their stores to stand out in an increasingly digital commerce landscape. This means many retailers have digital transformation initiatives in the planning stages, and it comes as no surprise that 99% of retailers have some kind of mobile technology within their stores to help boost revenue by streamlining sales processes.

To find out how retailers currently use and manage Apple, Android and Windows devices — and how they plan to in the future — Jamf have commissioned a survey to hear from top decision-makers in the retail sector on their experiences with mobile devices.

Download this report to learn:

  • How widespread mobile technology use is in the retail sector
  • The benefits of mobile technology in tracking inventory, organising staff and engaging customers
  • Difficulties of integrating mobile technologies together in retail spaces
  • The benefits of a single ecosystem and robust management program in mitigating these difficulties

Download the eBook


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