Tesco reveals details of new Clubcard Plus scheme

Tesco Clubcard Plus loyalty scheme
Clubcard Plus costs £7.99 a month and offers 10% off for 2 shops a month
// Tesco to launch new Clubcard Plus scheme on November 8
// Clubcard Plus will give customers a range of benefits & savings
// The loyalty scheme is currently only available to smartphone holders

Tesco has revealed plans to launch Clubcard Plus, a new paid membership scheme, on November 8.

Clubcard Plus will give customers benefits and savings across grocery stores, Tesco Bank and Tesco Mobile.

“We’ve put together all the benefits that are possible for a customer across Tesco for the first time,” chief executive Dave Lewis said.


“There’s a strong history of innovation within Tesco, loyalty is a very important part of that.”

Clubcard Plus costs £7.99 a month and offers 10 per cent off for two shops a month which would cost up to £200, allowing customers to save up to £40.

Lewis said 19 million Clubcard holders could save over £400 a year with Clubcard Plus.

However, the scheme can only be used at the checkout tills and cannot be used retrospectively, which means shoppers cannot decide which shops they would want to apply the discount to at the end of each month.

The loyalty scheme is currently only available to smartphone holders.

Clubcard saw five million people join within its first year of launching in 1996.

Meanwhile, Tesco chief customer officer Alessandra Bellini said this was the first time Tesco can offer “something truly unique for customers”.

“We are launching on November 8 but will be communicating with customers from the 4th because we really want to build the awareness,” she said.

According to the last grocery market share data, Tesco saw its market share slip from 27.4 per cent to 26.9 per cent.

Despite the decline, Lewis said the new Clubcard Plus scheme “doesn’t come from a competitive focus”.

“It’s about putting customers at the centre of every decision. We want to take away the reason for customers to shop anywhere else,” he said.

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  1. Please could you investigate if the Big4 are commiting indirect discrimination by removing bags from online grocery orders. Disabled and elderly people are complaining of issues with bagless orders online. They have requested a bagged service with eco friendly bags and are willing to pay extra for this services but all 4 have refused. This could be indirect discrimination and needs investigating so people with disabilities and the elderly don’t miss out like their peers. This is nothing to do with climate issues – they have requested eco friendly bags – this is about health and safety which is seen on Tweets online with hashtags such as bagless tesco and bagless sainsburys. Please investigate or ask MSE to. Thanks.


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