Extinction Rebellion protesters target Boohoo head office

Members from XR Manchester staged a protest outside of Boohoo’s head office in Manchester on Monday to
XR aims to highlight Boohoo's continued use of unsustainable & unethically sourced materials.
// Extinction Rebellion members protested outside Boohoo’s Manchester head office on Monday
// Extinction Rebellion is highlighting Boohoo’s lack of policy on where their materials are sourced & its reGain app.

Members from Extinction Rebellion staged a protest outside Boohoo’s head office in Manchester on Monday to “highlight their continued use of unsustainable and unethically sourced materials”.

The demonstration deliberately coincided with a launch event for Digital City Festival Week which has been taking place at Boohoo’s headquarters.

Members of the activist organisation were dressed in white with tears painted on their face, holding banners and placards asking Boohoo to “please don’t make me cry”, along with a letter addressed to the retailer.

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Extinction Rebellion said in a statement that “Boohoo and associated brands have made commendable steps to appear more environmentally friendly, however, this is nothing more than greenwashing”.

It added that the retailer’s recycled range is made using polyester based fabrics, which is non-biodegradable.

“We think it’s important to realise that one of the most effective ways to be sustainable, is to reduce the number of clothing purchases that are made and encourage customers to keep their clothing for longer,” Extinction Rebellion’s letter read.

“The incentives used on the reGain App, to send unwanted clothing for ‘recycling’ in order to gain discount vouchers, to purchase yet more clothes, contradicts the aim of recycling. Instead of reducing waste, you are increasing waste being sent to other countries.

Boohoo sustainability director Tom Kershaw told Business Live: “We’re doing a lot with our suppliers, we’re doing a lot with our partners, we’ve partnered with a lot of other retailers, and to try and be part of the answer than really be seen as being the negative player within that industry.

“But we’re also very aware there’s a lot more of what we can do.”

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