Coronavirus: Argos shuts all standalone UK stores

Argos covid-19 store closures Sainsbury's mike coupe
Argos stores inside Sainsbury's supermarkets remain open
// Argos closes its stores in the UK
// The closures are as a result of the Covid-19 crisis
// Sainsbury’s CEO Mike Coupe has encouraged customers to shop online

Argos has made the decision to temporarily close the majority of its UK stores as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

All of Argos’ standalone stores have now shut their doors, but its stores inside Sainsbury’s supermarkets remain open. Argos is owned by Sainsbury’s.

Chief executive Mike Coupe revealed the store closures and said the Argos website is open as usual and still offering delivery in a bid to continue serving customers while shops are shut.


“We would strongly encourage you to order items for home delivery, and to only collect whilst doing your essential food shopping at Sainsbury’s,” he said.

“Please note, for the safety of our customers and colleagues, we are limiting the number of customers in our stores.

“You therefore may need to queue before entering Sainsbury’s to collect your Argos order.”

As a result of the store closures, Argos has also halted its returns process.

However, any purchases made after March 1 can be returned for up to 30 days after stores reopen.

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  1. It would be an idea for Argos to put this advice about ‘only visit Sainsbury’s if part of your essential food shopping trip’ on their website. I tried to order an item last Sunday. Home delivery not available (this week, for the same item, it has been available at times), so as I wanted the bulky item same day I plumped for the nearest store. 7km away across London. I walked there (and back 14km) for the item not to have arrived 4 hours post when it was expected. I was told by Sainsbury’s local staff to call back their store in a few days. When I did they told me that they would not be accepting delivery of the bulky item in a small store, so Argos should never have allowed me to order it and told me the order was cancelled to their view inviting me to call Argos customer service.

    After an hour wait to get through on Friday, Customer Service told me the item was ‘stuck in status’ meaning that they could not change the order to be home delivered, nor would they divert it to a closer store to save me walking 7km or using public transport to get home nor would they cancel it and reorder for me. Following the advice, I am waiting for the 7 day window to be up to find out what Argos plan to do. I may face a further 4 working day wait for a refund before I can afford to reorder and then Argos will probably want me to pay a £3.95 delivery fee too! Beyond cheeky.

    Argos has failed its customers at this time, so Mike Coupe’s words ring hollow. #avoidargos

  2. There is no way I and my family will purchase anything from Argos until you re open your stand alone stores (you must have money to burn). Get it sorted!

  3. That may be acceptable for you but for instance my 90 year old nans microwave and kettle went last week would you not class this as a essential because i sure do dont tar every non food shop as bad

  4. Argos customer service is non existent I purchased two bikes Collected from Sainsbury’s the first one The bearings have fallen off I should of read the reviews as it’s clearly a problem !
    The second bike is advertised the wrong size to what is stated on the box so too big ! Over £500 stick in two bikes in boxes iv had for weeks and guess what no where to return them to ! Nothing on the website to inform you of this thanks a bunch Argos ! Nobody knows what they are doing you’d site says you can return items to Sainsbury’s which is a complete lie as they won’t accept anything basically your taking everybody’s money and leaving us high and dry until you can be bothered to open your store !

  5. Stupid keeping Argos open in Sainsbury’s if you have to pay for your items online. Lots of people still only use cash, or like me have a Argos gift card through their works reward scheme that can not be used online. If these cards are not used within 18 months any money on them gets lost.

  6. I ordered a tens machine on the 18 th of may arrived broken, I have tried in vain to con someone , totally impossible , went to Sainsbury’s staff no help at all , it cost a lot of money but can’t return it , very poor service .

  7. You have lost my custom. I will never buy from your company whilst you have your ” stand alone” stores closed. The one at Kingsway, Carlisle had the best customer service you could wish for. Brilliant staff who deserve better.
    People will not order for delivery without a returns process. Sainsbury’s buying this company was the death knell of it.

  8. The stores and staff were first class, however ordering via the website is a total waste of time as it freezes or crashes. Sadly if the stores are permanently closed I will shop else where or via Amazon who understand how to run a website.

  9. Come on Sainsbury’s, why have you not opened the stand alone stores yet, Currys etc is open or is the the final nail in the coffin for Argos. I always said Sainsbury’s would run it into the ground.

  10. My daughter and I were going to place orders (as our stand alone store is closed) for large bulky orders but after reading all the above comments we most certainly won’t!

  11. Could’nt be because shopping on line is cheaper, with no shop staff to pay, could it ?
    Bugger the highstreet customer- let’s keep things as cheap as poss and save ourselves money.


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