Morrisons breaches Sunday trading laws to help NHS workers

Morrisons breaches Sunday trading laws to help NHS workers
Current Sunday trading laws state that stores over 3000sq ft can only open for six hours between 10am and 6pm.
// Morrisons scraps Sunday browsing hour so NHS staff can begin buying products from 9am
// This means Morrisons now trades for longer than the 6 hours stipulated in Sunday trading laws
// The Sunday shopping hour for NHS workers is in addition to the 6am-7am slot Monday to Saturday

Morrisons has reportedly abolished its Sunday browsing hour to allow NHS staff to buy products from 9am, making the retailer defy Sunday trading laws.

According to The Grocer, Morrisons has started opening its stores in England and Wales for longer than the six hours stipulated in Sunday trading legislation, in a bid to support NHS workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

It comes after the Big 4 supermarket launched an NHS shopping hour across its stores, which takes place 6am to 7am Monday to Saturday.


On Sundays, the browsing hour from 9am was scrapped so NHS staff can shop and purchase items from then instead, while other customers will be able to shop as normal from 9.30am.

The current law states that stores over 3000sq ft can only open for six hours between 10am and 6pm.

“The NHS staff are doing a wonderful job in challenging circumstances,” a Morrisons spokesman told The Grocer.

“We are offering them an extra hour because they may have a very narrow window of time to do their shopping.”

The news comes after several retailers, including Morrisons, reportedly lobbied the government to suspend trading restrictions so shoppers have more time to buy what they needed.

However, many grocers have actually reduced hours in order to get shelves replenished and provide a respite for staff as they faced unprecedented demand during the lockdown.

Morrisons is also providing NHS workers a 10 per cent discount until until July 12 and has launched a click-and-collect food box service from hospital car parks.

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  1. I agree with this because it’s better to extend the hour on a Sunday as well for staff who work weekdays…usually before the crisis NHS staff could also shop round the clock with ASDA and Tesco..

  2. I forgot to add Tesco dominates the market when their Express open even on Easter Sunday..Sainsbury’s have fewer local stores. It’s unfair the dominance that supermarket has so this is fair and Ashford Kent doesn’t have a Morrisons so I applaud this measure, the nurses here can’t even order from Morrisons

  3. Though I agree in principle, the government need to lift the restriction as no one is above the law under any circumstances.

  4. Why should large retailers be allowed to flout the law. This isn’t done in the interest of the NHS but to get more turnover and profit. The weekdays hours set aside for the NHS is not over subscribed

  5. I bet the real story is that they are allowing the NHS in to browse between 9 and 10 but can’t go through a till until 10.

  6. Morrison’s now let anyone shop before 1000 ! You are not asked for any nhs id they are fully open. This is so wrong and very greedy!! Should be stopped!,


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