Sainsbury’s offers Nectar points on Argos purchases for first time

Sainsbury’s Nectar customer loyalty card Argos Jane Moir
The grocer said Nectar card members would be able to earn points on Argos purchases
// Sainsbury’s is offering Nectar points to Argos customers for the first time
// The points will be doubled if purchases are made between September 18 and September 26

Sainsbury’s is now offering its customers Nectar points when shopping for Argos products for the first time.

The grocer, which acquired Argos in 2016, said Nectar card members would be able to earn points on Argos purchases across its range of DIY, home, health and beauty, garden and toy products, both in-store and online.

The points will also be doubled if purchases are made between September 18 and September 26.


The retailer said for Nectar customers to collect points with purchases online, they need to link their accounts on the Argos app.

In-store, customers will either type in their account number or swipe their cards.

“We’re constantly looking for new ways to reward our customers, so we are very excited to offer a new way for shoppers to get the most out of their Nectar points with one of the nation’s most loved brands,” Nectar managing director Jane Moir said.

”The Nectar app is a one stop virtual shop to make points work harder and we hope that with this new offer, our customers can kick start their early Christmas shopping and get more from their purchases at Argos.”

Most recently, Sainsbury’s said it will encourage customers to stock up on fruit and vegetables by allowing their Nectar points balance go further with a brand-new tracker available on the app and website.

The grocer launched the initiative titled ‘The Great Big Fruit and Veg Challenge’ last week and has set personalised targets based on a users’ typical shopping habits.

The offering will be in place from September 7 to October 4, and rewarded points can be spent at partners including Sainsbury’s, Argos, Ebay and Asos.

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  1. Having been a fresh fruit and veg addict all my life and still am, I was surprised to see LAST week I was over HALFWAY TO GOAL. THIS week I purchased my usual amount of fruit and veg, as I do each week, and have found that the goal post has changed. I’m still HALFWAY. There’s probably some con going on. I don’t particularly care as I’m not buying any extra, but for shoppers who are attempting to gain those Nectar points by spending more on fresh fruit and veg, have a long trek ahead of them.

  2. It’s shame that sainsbury’s will go this is our main supermarket we shop I hope it will be replaced by other sainbury’s stores


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