Grocers to ration products due to fears over a no-deal Brexit

Brexit rationing stockpiling covid-19 pandemic
Brits have also been urged by the government not to panic buy over the next few weeks
// UK grocers poised to ration staple products amid fears that consumers will begin panic-buying
// A no-deal Brexit could prompt customers to stockpile products
// The first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic also triggered an increase in stockpiling

Supermarkets across the UK are preparing to ration certain products after concerns increase over customers stockpiling again.

UK grocers will seek to begin rationing products within 24 hours as fears grow that consumers will start panic buying if a no-deal Brexit is confirmed.

In March, grocers implemented rationing rules after customers began stockpiling during the first wave of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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The pandemic affected the stock of staple products such as pasta and toilet roll.

Following the second wave, grocers will ensure that items will immediately be limited to three per person, and one per person on baby products, in an effort to make sure products are accessible to everyone.

Brits have also been urged by the government not to panic buy over the next few weeks, with assurances that supermarkets have stockpiled items themselves.

Meanwhile, the ongoing uncertainty around Brexit continues for supermarkets as they fully prepare for January 1, where consumers could face higher tariffs.

”Without a deal, the British public will face over £3 billion in food tariffs and retailers would have no choice but to pass on some of these additional costs to their customers, who would see higher prices filter though during 2021,” BRC chief executive Helen Dickinson said.

“Moreover, new checks and red tape that will apply from January will create an additional burden for retailers and their customers.

“For the sake of customers and businesses around the UK, we need a deal in the next three weeks.”

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