How to create a digital in-store retail experience for less with mobile computer vision

Amazon Go takes the frictionless shopping experience even further. Using a proprietary combination of scales, pressure sensors, RFID tags and readers, as well as computer vision technologies, Amazon Go shoppers can pick what they want and simply go.

Scandit recognises that a move to becoming a digital in-store retailer is daunting for many traditional retailers. And scaling the equivalent of an Amazon Go to already established retail outlets in the short-term is simply not viable or desirable because of its limited focus on self-checkout.

Download the Best Practice Guide to find out how retailers can start their transformation journey with what they already in place.

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  1. Digital customer experience is the essence of any successful marketing strategy,
    this article really gave me a clear overview of how and what is digital transformation and how exactly can companies make sure they implement it in their day to day strategy to create a much better cx relationship hence a perfect way to stand alone in a competitive market.
    Looking forward to more of such amazing articles.


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