Tesco introduces new plastics ban affecting online shoppers

Tesco has issued a new storewide ban on tray liners and non-essential plastic bags that will affect all customers who shop online.
"We recommend having bags or boxes ready in your car to unpack your shopping into." : Tesco
// The change to deliveries and click and collect orders comes into place on April 19
// The change is thought to be part of the company’s desire to reduce their plastic use.

Tesco has issued a new storewide ban that is set to affect all customers who shop online.

The Big 4 retailer will no longer provide tray liners or non-essential plastic bags with online orders and the change is scheduled to come into place from April 19.

This is part of the retailers aim to reduce unnecessary plastic consumption.

In a message to shoppers, Tesco wrote: “From 19 April, we’re removing tray liners and non-essential plastic bags from all online orders. If you place your order before 19 April for delivery after that date, you’ll still receive tray liners if you’ve asked for them.

“As a response to Covid-19 and to ensure the safety of our customers and colleagues, we reintroduced carrier bags for all online orders. However, we know how concerned many of you are about plastic – and we’re aware we have an important role to play in reducing plastic consumption.”


The email continues: “This means there’ll no longer be an option at the checkout to have your shopping packed in plastic bags or tray liners. Your groceries will instead be placed directly into our trays. For health and safety reasons, we’ll continue to use red plastic bags for meat, fish and some household cleaning products. You can also be assured that we’ll continue to work hard to keep trays and other delivery equipment hygienic.

“If your order is being delivered, we recommend having your own bags ready to pack into. If you’ve not got these at the door, don’t worry – there’s always time to grab them. If you’re vulnerable, disabled or elderly, your driver can still bring your shopping inside, but they won’t be able to enter your home if you’re currently self‐isolating.

“If you’re collecting your order, the process may vary slightly depending on the store. When you arrive at your chosen collection point, please stay in your car. One of our colleagues will then come to greet you and let you know how you’ll get your shopping. We recommend having bags or boxes ready in your car to unpack your shopping into.”

The email concluded:”If you have any special requirements, you can let us know ahead of your order by filling in the delivery notes box when you check out.”

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  1. Yes I am a regular tesco online customer, I am not best pleased about this. I understand they are trying to cut back on plastic but I believe they should still give the customer the option. The idea of packing your shopping in to your own bags then unpacking again is a joke !

  2. So we’re going to cut down on plastic bags on online orders, but we’ll continue giving you red plastic bags anyway as long as you are buying some meat, fish or bleach….we’ll give you red plastic bags, even if you put all of those items together in your trolley at our supermarkets and no doubt put them in the same bag anyway.


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