How to develop a successful international retail expansion strategy

EU-UK trade plunged in January 2021 as Britain’s departure from the bloc and widespread coronavirus restrictions dealt a double blow to the nation’s struggling economy. The practical difficulties faced by retail businesses go well beyond just teething problems. But that’s just half the story. 

Operating costs have risen – and in many cases, VAT, customs, and delivery costs have been presented directly to the end consumer. This frustration led to many UK businesses pulling out of Europe; but clearly, the EU remains a key market and demand is still strong.

Acknowledging those frustrations, James and James helps brands distribute goods from inside the EU trading bloc and devise trading strategies that avoid being hit by VAT charges.

In this special report, you’ll discover:

  • How to trade successfully in Europe following Brexit
  • The top 3 international expansion fundamentals
  • Retailers’ reasons and tactics for going global
  • How to set up in Europe and further afield
  • How flexible order fulfilment maximises opportunity

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