Amazon is giving shoppers refunds and letting them keep the items

mazon and Walmart are among a number of US retailers that are practising a policy of processing refunds while letting the customers keep the unwanted items
// Amazon and Walmart are among the US retailers that are processing refunds while letting customers keep the unwanted items
// The policy is aimed at products that are unlikely be resold and where the cost of processing a return is as much or greater than the cost of the product itself

Only customers with a known purchase history at the given retailers are able to access the option when receiving refunds.

“Returning to a store is significantly cheaper because the retailer can save the freight, which can run 15 per cent to 20 per cent of the cost,” Locus Robotics chief executive Rick Faulk told The Journal.

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  1. That’s been happening for ages. Many online stores do it. The problem is that some people may take advantage of it and get something for free (which they would then make a handsome profit if sold again).


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