Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Burberry store closures

Burberry pledges end to plastic use by 2025

Burberry has pledged to end the use of unnecessary plastic packaging by 2025.
Asda MPs

Asda removes 6500 tonnes of plastic packaging in the past year

Asda has announced it has removed 6500 tonnes of plastic from own-brand product packaging in the past 12 months.
Kingfisher CEO

Kingfisher to scrap harmful pesticide at B&Q stores

B&Q parent company Kingfisher has announced it will stop selling harmful slug pellets from next week - ahead of the government...
Primark 50 years

Primark releases 100% sustainable denim collection

Primark has launched its first ever sustainable denim collection, as it aims to shift towards sustainably-sourced products.
Tesco Thailand

Tesco switches to Rainforest certified cocoa amid sustainability demand

Tesco has introduced Rainforest Alliance Certified cocoa for its own brand chocolate, including its Easter eggs.
Lidl plastic bag

Lidl scraps 9p reusable plastic bags in Welsh stores

Lidl has set to remove 9p plastic bags from stores in Wales as part of a trial to further cut down on plastic waste.
VF Corp Ethical

VF Corp recognised as an ethical company for 3rd straight year

VF Corporation has announced its recognition as one of the world's most ethical companies by the Ethisphere Institute.
Selfridges exotic skins

Selfridges bans exotic skins

Selfridges has announced a pledge to phase out exotic skins by 2020 in the latest move to become a sustainable retailer.

COMMENT: 6 things I learnt from creating a sustainable sourcing model

Suranga Herath shares his insight and advice for other retailers looking to create their own sustainable sourcing models.
CoGo app

Hands On with the CoGo app

CoGo - short for "connecting good" - is a mobile app which connects people with companies that match with their ethical views.

Feature Resource

Exposing the multi-billion dollar fraud economy

Last year was hallmarked by the unexpected, and cybercriminals profited off of the unrest—driving attempted online payment fraud up by 69% YoY across e-commerce. Our...