Aldi launches 100% recyclable freezer bags

Aldi launches 100% recyclable freezer bags
The trial of the freezer bag is the latest in a number of steps taken by Aldi in its war on plastic.
// Aldi becomes the first UK grocer to launch own-brand 100% recyclable freezer bags
// They are currently on trial at 230 stores in parts of England

Aldi has become the first supermarket chain in the UK to launch its own 100 per cent recyclable freezer bag.

From next week, the bags, which retail at 99p, will be trialled in over 230 stores in parts of the East Midlands, Yorkshire, the North East, North West and South East of England.

Aldi said the ‘”eco” freezer bags are made out of a fully recyclable polyethylene (95 per cent) and seafood waste (five per cent) – known as shell waste – and are the only own-brand 100 per cent recyclable freezer bags offered by a supermarket in the UK.


The German discount grocery chain also said the bags are also treated with an antimicrobial agent proven to inhibit the growth of common types of bacteria and mould.

If the trial is successful, the bags will be rolled out to all of Aldi’s 900 stores across the UK.

“It’s more important than ever to strike a balance between reducing single-use plastic and maintaining food hygiene.” Aldi UK plastics and packaging director Chris McKenry said.

“Thanks to its antimicrobial qualities, this recyclable freezer bag enables us to continue on our mission to eradicate unnecessary non-recyclable materials while also offering customers a more hygienic way of storing and transporting food.

“Our promise to always offer quality at unbeatable prices goes beyond just great food – it’s about catering to the needs of our customers in every way we can, and a rapidly-growing number of those who shop with us want to do so sustainably without breaking the bank.”

The trial of the freezer bag is the latest in a number of steps taken by Aldi in its war on plastic and quest to become a sustainable retailer.

Aldi is also working towards 100 per cent of its own label packaging being reusable, recyclable or compostable by 2022, and for brands by 2025.

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  1. No, Aldi are at least 50 years too late to be the first to offer recyclable freezer bags in which to take food home. In the 1970s the “Cordon Bleu Freezer Food Centres Ltd” chain that sold both freezers and frozen food provided customers with large freezer bags in which to take home purchased packs of frozen vegetables, meat, etc. I cannot remember whether these bags were free or sold for a few pennies – I think the latter. These freezer bags were large white paper sacks made from several layers of thick brown paper with gussetted sides and a sturdier blue strip of paper or fabric sewn over the seam at the bottom of the bag. The outside of the bag was white with the blue Cordon Bleu logo. These bags were essentially sacks, being longer than wide and lacking handles. The open end of the bag was closed by rolling it up. I don’t think Cordon Bleu described these as recyclable then, but they obviously were owing to their constituent materials being overwhelmingly paper. I might still have a Cordon Bleu freezer bag somewhere in the garage or shed. I still use the freezer we bought from Cordon Bleu in 1971.
    A web search reveals that although Cordon Bleu is defunct it is still registered as a dormant company that was was registered in April 1964 and seems to be related to Morrisons supermarkets.


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