Games Workshop profits rise in “good year”


British game production and retail company Games Workshop has reported a revenue increase of 6.4 per cent for its full financial year, it has been announced today.

With a revenue of £131 million, the group also saw pre-tax profit rise from £15.3 million to £19.5 million for the 53 weeks to June 3rd 2012, a particularly strong figure as other gaming retailers continue to struggle.

Total operating profit reached £19.1 million compared to £15.2 million in 2011 signalling a turnaround in fortunes for the company, which underwent a restructure at the end of 2010 following disappointing sales.

Operating in the UK, US, Europe and Japan, the company has a retail and wholesale arm and CEO Mark Wells is pleased with the retailer‘s solid performance.

“Games Workshop has had a good year,” Wells commented.

“We have launched some great new products including the new Citadel paint range. We have made good progress on all our major initiatives.

“This has resulted in an encouraging level of volume growth. We have a strong management team and excellent staff who are committed to delivering a healthy return on capital.

“We have honoured our commitment to distribute genuinely surplus cash to our shareholders.”

In its preliminary results, Games Workshop reported earnings per share of 46.8p.


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