Thursday, June 30, 2022

Jaeger increases loyalty offer value

High street fashion retailer Jaeger is set to increase the value of its loyalty offer from next month, it has been announced today.

As the retailer invests more heavily in its offer, customers will be able to enjoy around 13 points per £1 of their loyalty spend, while voucher thresholds will improve reward benefits in increments of £150.

As a result, customers who spend over £150 will receive a £20 voucher while those spending over £300 will receive a £30 reward, with no upper spending limit on the reward threshold.

Existing and new loyalty scheme members will benefit from the move as the brand continues its focus on its product proposition, a key part of which is the latest initiative.

In 2008, Jaeger launched its original loyalty programme with retail loyalty specialist Ikano Financial Services and the companies were shortlisted twice at this year‘s Loyalty Awards as a result.

Commenting on the latest development to the scheme, Jaeger‘s Managing Director Carolyn Springett said: “Recognising our customers‘ loyalty is central to our business strategy and by incentivising them to shop more, we are capitalising on our objective of rewarding their loyalty.

“Our increase in voucher thresholds is just another way that we are enhancing our customer loyalty programme to further improve their shopping experience at Jaeger.”


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