Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Sky-high temperatures boost retail sales


The recent heatwave has resulted in a significant increase in the number of refreshing products being distributed across the UK, according to DHL Supply Chain, the global logistical company.

Attempts to keep cool have resulted in demand for products such as bottled water increase by 45 per cent and soft drinks by 35 per cent. Over 9m bags of ice cubes have been dispatched, while retailers‘ fridges have been stocked up with over 60m ice creams and lollies, a 100 per cent increase for both items.

Although the findings may appear obvious at first, Dean Wyatt, VP Business Development Retail at DHL Supply Chain, said that the supply chain offered a fascinating insight to consumer demand.

He added: “With any weather scenario, planning ahead is crucial; DHL‘s wealth of data enabled it to prepare for the impact of the heatwave on buying habits, so our customers stay on step ahead.”

Sun worshipers were out in force as sunscreen distribution increased by 96 per cent and demand from retailers for bicycles increasing by 10 per cent suggesting people even took the opportunity to get active.


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