Morrisons unveils new look wines, beers and spirits


Grocer Morrisons have launched a new look for their own brand wines, beers and spirits range.

The rollout of the new range, designed by design consultancy Elmwood, will occur throughout October in-store and has been designed to inspire customers to try new wines. Handcrafted chalkboard typography and bold block colouring will used to communicate the flavour of wines such as Pinot Grigio and Sauvignon Blanc.

Morrisons say they want to transform their supermarkets into a true wine destination.

Claire Williams, Head of Design at Morrisons said, “The success of this re-launch has been the result of a great collaborative effort, cemented by the fantastic knowledge and expertise of Morrisons‘ wine buyers.”

Not content with a purely illustrative refresh, the grocer is also adding stories to their M Signature range of wines.

Martyn Hayes, Designer Director at Elmwood said, “It was really important to understand the design cues that resonate with customers when buying regional wines, whilst also giving the wines an own-able look and feel. The project was a great opportunity to use an array of illustrators and typographers to bring our ideas to life.