Thursday, June 24, 2021

Shopper payments still being rejected by Natwest and RBS

RBS and Natwest customers are continuing to report problems with their accounts after the banking groups system crashed on the busiest shopping day of the year.

In a scenario that will be every retailer‘s nightmare, reports began to emerge on 6pm on Monday evening that cards were being rejected which prompted frustration and anger from customers.

Anger was vented on Twitter with some saying debit cards were not working but credit cards were in use.

Natwest issued a statement via Twitter that it was very sorry for the issues that have affected customers and said it was working hard to fix them. It added that if customers had been left out of pocket as a result of the technological glitch it would put it right.

However, the problem has still not been fully fixed with customers currently not having access to online banking. Stephanie Holt from Manchester said on Twitter today: “How can you say it‘s working when it clearly isn‘t !!!! My balances are not showing.”

The group chief executive Ross McEwan explained: “For decades, RBS failed to invest properly in its systems. We need to put our customers‘ needs at the centre of all we do. It will take time, but we are investing heavily in building IT systems our customers can rely on.”


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