Saturday, December 4, 2021

Corona partners with Spotify for its SunSet Sessions

“Looking for a bar that felt like minded” led Mexican beer brand Corona to Hoxton Square Bar and Kitchen, says Steph Okell, Marketing Manager for Corona.

SunSet sessions from the lager brand are to be spread across bars in the UK and will include ‘beach themed‘ Corona evenings to push drinks in the lead up to Corona’s SunSet Festival this summer. The sessions will be spread out as a series of exclusive music events which will take place at set venues that Corona is partnering with. They aim to deliver the ‘perfect sunset experience‘ through select DJ sets.

Incorporating the ‘Spirit of the Beach‘ was a clear message at the business‘ first Sunset Session and a strategy that will surely be welcomed by the brand‘s beer (and cocktail) drinkers. Corona‘s longstanding association with the beach has kept its demand high and consumers entertained.

Asked how the company differentiates itself from competitors, Okell believes the association with the beach, “gives us a distinct positioning”. 

The sessions aim to create, “relaxed feeling, appreciation of music- great experience for the brand” comments Okell, who has yet to disclose who will headline this year‘s festival.  

Staff at the SunSet Session venues will be trained to serve the ‘perfect Corona‘. They will have to take into consideration the perfect temperature and how to slice Corona‘s famous lime – ensuring hands on customer satisfaction.

In keeping with Corona‘s laid back festival theme, the brand has partnered with music giant Spotify. Okell sees the partnership as key for the company, allowing people the “chance to say what they think are the best songs to listen to at sunset”.  

Corona‘s plans for 2015 are no doubt a result of its global success. Constellation owns the brand in the US alongside Robert Mondavi wine and Modelo, and has benefited from its Mexican beers‘ popularity. The business‘ beer sales rose by 11% in its 4th quarter to February 28, while the company has also announced that it aims to spend about $1.05-£1.15bn on beer, which includes its Nava brewery in Mexico.

Corona has exciting plans in the UK for 2015 and is thriving on what it does best – entertaining and creating enthusiasm around its brand image:

“We‘re now really excited to launch this campaign inviting consumers to ‘find their beach‘ – a unique place to each of us – the place we go to unwind, enjoy ourselves and share amazing experiences with friends. 2015 is going to a big year for Corona and we look forward to working with our trade partners to bring the ‘spirit of the beach‘ to the UK”, reveals Okell.


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