My Local acquires Nisa CEO


The former CEO of Nisa Neil Turton has become the new Trading Director at My Local.

Following the departure of Director Richard Collins, Turton took on the new position full time. As TD Turton‘s role will be to build the My Local product range by working closely with manufacturers and creating new opportunities for investment from suppliers.

Turton, who spent a great deal of his early career at Nisa, first as a buyer and then as a trading director, will continue to work with them. My Local is Nisa‘s second largest customer, with a turnover of £250m.

Speaking to Convenience Store, Turton said: “It‘s exciting to get back to what I used to do, and I‘m really enjoying it. Nisa can supply around 75-80% of the required range, the rest needs to be set up direct to stores and with 130 stores transitioning overnight, the first priority is to make sure all the stores reopen with products to sell.

After that, there is a huge amount of flexibility to ensure My Local is exactly that – relevant to its customers – and we have a great opportunity to hit the sweet spot in terms of the operating balance between discipline and independence.”

Morrisons sold its 140-strong convenience store chain last month to a team led by Mike Greene, who reopened them under the My Local name. The new chain signed a £1bn deal with Nisa, which will supply My local over the next five years.