Sunday, September 19, 2021

Tesco cuts Clubcard Boost reward scheme

Tesco has decided to terminate its Clubcard Boost scheme which exchanges points collected on its customers reward cards for vouchers worth double the value to spend in its stores. The next Clubcard Boost which will run from 16 May to 26 June will be Tesco‘s offering.

The big four grocer has informed Clubcard users by post and is attempting to present the change as a revamping of its store card scheme. Tesco notes that the axing of this promotion is in response to customers who wanted a process that is “simpler to understand and easier to use”.

“We want to make your Tesco Clubcard even better for you, and doing this means we’ll be able to bring you great value from your vouchers the whole year round” Tesco told its customers.

“We’re working on some more ways to help your points balance grow faster so you get more value back from Tesco Clubcard on your everyday shop.”

Boost promotions have resulted in significant costs for the British retailer and is something Tesco feels it can no longer justify. As other supermarkets slash certain reward schemes, Tesco‘s move does not come as a surprise. Earlier this year Sainsbury‘s decided to axe its price comparison scheme, which resulted in Tesco allowing its customers to use Sainsbury‘s Brand Match coupons in its stores.

It is expected that Tesco is likely to encourage its customers to spend their points elsewhere on leisure activities and hotel stays at some of its partners to decrease a strain on its stores.


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