Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Lidl lets customers set their own prices through Twitter

Lidl have launched an unprecedented new scheme which allows its shoppers to determine the price of selected products.

In what is being dubbed the “social price drop”, the retailer will drop prices lower and lower the more customers tweet about a certain product aiming to help customers save money in the run up to Christmas.

Launching on Monday November 21 with a Christmas lobster as the first item to undergo the social treatment, dropping its original £5.99 price further as more shoppers tweet about it.

The twitter voting system will be live from Monday‘s at 8am to Tuesdays at 6pm, with the final price of the item being announced across the grocer‘s social channels on the following Wednesday each week. The new prices will then be implemented across the UK by the proceeding Saturday.

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It will run for the four weeks leading up to Christmas with a new product every week.

“Today‘s launch of the Social Price Drop is a first for any supermarket in the UK, and we‘re incredibly excited about giving our customers the power on Twitter to lower the price of some of our finest festive products,” head of communications Georgina Hall said.

“Christmas is a very expensive time of year for shoppers up and down the country, and as a retailer at the heart of Britain‘s communities, our ambition is to put the control back into the hands of consumers, and save them even more in the run up to Christmas.”

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