Monday, September 27, 2021

75% of retail workers have no choice on timing of Christmas shifts

New data has indicated that a whopping three-quarters of British retail workers do not have a choice when it comes to working over the Christmas period.

According to fashion retailer Cotton Traders – which surveyed 2000 retail employees and their attitudes on working over the Christmas period – two-thirds of those respondents will work over Christmas, 63 per cent will work Christmas Eve and more than a quarter will work Boxing Day.

Meanwhile, 59 per cent of those in retail said the worst part of working at Christmas is missing out on time spent with friends and family, and 58 per cent admit that they‘re unable to relax over the festive season as a result of having to work.

Watching others enjoy themselves was another setback for working during the Christmas period, with 38 per cent of respondents identifying that issue.

In addition, a third of those who have to work the festive period feel like they have drawn the short straw having to do so, and a quarter said they sacrificed their own time off by swapping shifts so colleagues with young families can spend the time with their loved ones over Christmas.

The research comes as Cotton Traders launched its Facebook campaign “Making Christmas Warmer”, where people can nominate a friend working over the festive period to win a festive hamper.

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