Wednesday, March 27, 2019

How to avoid a ‘Black Fail-Day?


Black Friday may have finished but that does not mean retailers can rest on their laurels. With Christmas a mere two weeks away, retailers will hope for a steady stream of visitors to their websites and a corresponding increase in sales.

Early statistics from Black Friday provide some food for thought. Initial data from IMRG suggests that online spending on Black Friday reached ?1.23 billion. Whilst the headline figure is certainly impressive, it hides the fact that despite the growth in visits to online retailers, there was a lower than expected increase in the number of consumers actually buying items. That will be a cause for concern for many retailers as they begin the process of planning for next year’s peak sale events.

?Peak planning has changed and the way retailers plan for peak is changing as well. In our free guide, we examine how some retailers are adopting a different approach that delivers a more holistic view and enables better planning for on-going peaks.

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