Morrisons kicks off 2017 price war with reductions across 800 items


Morrisons has wasted no time since 2017 began by kicking off the latest phase of the supermarket price war with 800 items having their prices slashed.

Morrisons is the first of the Big 4 to cut prices, with other retailers expected to follow, in an attempt to attract customers on a tighter budget after the festive season.

The retailer‘s price reductions, which come into effect this week, include the cost of two-pack avocados falling from £1.80 to £1.47 while King Edward potatoes will drop from £2 to £1.67.

Meanwhile, a pack of beef meatballs will drop from £2 to£1.77, and a six-pack of large white baps will cost 50p.

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Other items which have had their prices reduced include kale and fish fingers.

The addition of a further 800 items having their prices reduced means around 1500 Morrisons items are affected by the “price crunch”, with the average price cut of 19 per cent.

Morrisons has also simplified the price of more than five thousands items so that they are in “round pounds”, making it easier for customers to calculate how much is in their basket.

“These price cuts will help families who are on a tighter budget and will continue to make Morrisons more competitive,” Morrisons marketing and customer director Andy Atkinson said.

The price cuts come amid warnings the Brexit vote would push up cost of goods in stores due to the fall in the pound since the referendum result was announced.

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