Retail Gazette Loves: Tesco’s Food Love Stories


Tesco has launched a brand-new campaign aiming to not only promote the quality of their food, but provide customers with some easy-to-follow recipes.

“Food Love Stories” tells the story behind various customers’ signature dishes – and it’s been recieved well by customers and foodies alike.

These include David‘s hot or not chicken curry which reveals not only a guide on how to cook the dish, but a backstory in which David has been sneaking a dollop of yoghurt into his food so as not to tell his wife of 15 years he hates her beloved spicy food.

Another six stories are set for TV spots after David‘s launched this week, but each recipe and accompanying story is available online.


Further recipes include Jini’s “make it better” jambalaya and Lisa’s “big Greek” stew.

Tesco group brand director Michelle McEttrick said: “We‘ve always taken great pride in the quality of our food and we know how good food brings people and families together.

“So this January, we‘re launching ‘Food Love Stories brought to you by Tesco‘, a campaign which puts food at the very heart of our business and tells the stories behind the meals we all make for those closest to us.”

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