Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Price of average grocery basket falls by 3%

The start of the year saw the price of an average basket of grocery items fall by three per cent compared to January 2016.

According to grocery price comparison site mySupermarket, shoppers are paying 15 per cent less for apples, 11 per cent less for grapes and nine per cent less bananas when compared to December prices.

mySupermarket‘s monthly Groceries Tracker also found that the price of a basket of 35 popular items came to £82.27 compared to £83.33 for the month previous.

Shoppers continue to enjoy reduced prices on many fresh items, despite supply shortages towards the end of the month, including broccoli which were five per cent cheaper, mushrooms and fruit juice which were both down by four percent, plus six per cent cheaper fruit yoghurt.

However, not all fresh items saw a price fall.

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The price of red peppers increased went up by five per cent, carrots increased four per cent, and cucumber went up by three per cent. 

Cheddar cheese and cola also saw a price increase of three per cent and two per cent respectively.

Overall, the total basket cost £1.06 less in January compared to December 2016 and is cheaper than January 2016 by £2.44.

mySupermarket chief executive Gilad Simhony said falling prices were a “very positive” sign the UK markets were coping well with uncertain climates, both political and meteorological.

“This is the biggest drop in prices we‘ve seen in a number of months and a good indication that 2017 is off to a strong start for UK shoppers despite a restless 2016,” he said.

“However, recent supply shortages in some fresh items, concerns over a weak pound and continuing political uncertainty still poses the risk of prices fluctuating and shoppers paying more.”

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