Sunday, September 20, 2020

Retail Gazette Loves: Diesel‘s Make Love Not Walls campaign


Fashion brand and retailer Diesel recently launched a politically-charged advertising campaign aimed at “tearing down the mental and physical walls that separate us”.

The campaign centres around a video directed by the renowned commercial photographer David LaChappelle in which a group is separated by a concrete barbed wire clad wall.

Before long a heart-shaped hole is blown into the concrete mass by a giant inflatable rainbow tank, as the dancers dressed in the latest Diesel ranges “come together in the name of unity and love”.

Diesel said it was “focusing on the core value of commenting on culture in order to inspire positive change, at a time when headlines are consistently shocking and acts of hate are on the rise”.

Diesel artistic director Nicola Formichetti added: “At Diesel, we have a strong position against hate and more than ever we want the world to know that, to use our voice for good, love and togetherness is crucial in creating a society we all want to live in, and the future we all deserve.”

The campaign launched at the Nicholls & Clarke Building in London on Shoreditch High Street last month.

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