Fixed retail prices could disappear within 5 years

Digital Prices

The UK is likely to see set product prices disappear within five-years as new digital pricing technology is adopted across mainstream retailers.

According to The Telegraph  the technology, already used widely across Europe and the US, could see prices of goods change depending on demand and time of day.

Three of the Big 4 are reportedly trialling the technology and it is thought that it will become “dominant” within the next two years.

M&S ran a trial of the new pricing system aiming to quell the lunchtime rush in their stores, offering lunch discounts before 11am.

“This kind of technology will be dominant in the UK within two years, and within five years it will be rare to see a paper price tag,” digital pricing firm Displaydata‘s Andrew Dark told The Telegraph.

“Paper tags often show the wrong prices as they have to be manually replaced by staff when prices move, but electronic labels can be updated in just 20 seconds.”

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  1. ” it will be rare to see a paper price tag ” .maybe in supermarkets but there are many other forms of high street retail.
    I doubt i will be adopting electronic tickets in my furniture store any time soon.


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