Retail Gazette Loves: River Island’s “Labels are for Clothes” campaign

River Island

River Island has launched a campaign seeking to raise awareness of “outdated and irrelevant” labels given to people.

The “Labels are for Clothes” campaign, created in conjunction with Studio Blvd, seeks to celebrate individuality and do away with labels regarding race, sexual orientation and religion.










It will run across TV, video on demand and social media and include influencers like Daisy Lowe, Chanel Iman and Zack Miko.

Models were handpicked from across the globe and have all “suffered at the hands of negative labels”.









“”River Island has always been about being yourself and having fun,” Studio Blvd’s senior art director Callum Walker said.

“With this campaign we’ve celebrated diversity and promoted individuality by reappropriating clothing labels and by being bold through colour and energy.

“It’s the perfect reflection of this forward-thinking brand.”

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