Union bosses slam retailers for treating staff as “disposable labour” after swathe of cuts

job cuts

Union bosses have criticised big companies – including many prominent retailers – for putting profits above workers following thousands of job cuts since the start of the year.

Since January 1, as many as 10,000 jobs have been put under threat in the retail sector.

Last week alone Toys R Us, Morrisons, M&S, Topshop/Topman, B&Q and East all revealed that hundreds of jobs are at risk.

“What links all of these companies, is that workers are paying for the continual drive for profit above all else,” GMB union general secretary of the Tim Roache told the Press Association.

“Retail companies have been squeezing workforce costs – worse sick pay, almost no pension schemes left, being asked to work more for less – to simply maintain margins.

“The choices companies are making might make their balance sheets look better, but those actions aren’t without a detrimental impact on the lives and communities of their workforce.”

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady added: “It’s been a bleak January for many workers who’ve faced the sack.

“Too many big companies are treating their staff like disposable labour. Bosses forget that these are real people, not figures on a spreadsheet.

“All employers considering redundancies should sit down with unions, and work out some better solutions to protect jobs and increase productivity.”

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