Alibaba hot on Amazon’s heels as world’s most valuable brand


Amazon has topped the list of the world’s most valuable retail brands as the sector despite facing growing competition from global rivals.

According to WPP and Kantar’s inaugural BrandZ list, which ranks global retail brands by evaluating consumer perception, financial data and market valuations, the online giant eclipsed its nearest rival McDonalds by $45 billion.

The BrandZ report states that despite retailers disappearing from high streets around the world, the retail sector has seen brand values rise 35 per cent faster than non-retail sectors over the past decade.

It also reveals that although iconic American brands like Amazon, Nike, Starbucks and Home Depot dominate the top 20, Chinese retail platforms like and Alibaba are quickly catching up.

The top 20 global retail brands are featured below

  1.  Amazon $165,256 million
  2.  McDonald’s $110,266 million
  3.  Alibaba $88,623 million
  4.  Starbucks $46,071 million
  5.  The Home Depot $41,866 million
  6.  Louis Vuitton $35,505 million
  7.  Nike $34,295 million
  8.  Walmart $27,585 million
  9.  Hermes $25,951 million
  10.  Zara $25,135 million
  11.  Subway $19,529 million
  12.  Ikea $18,944 million
  13.  Costco $16,785 million
  14.  Gucci $16,273 million
  15. $14,579 million
  16.  Chanel $13,394 million
  17.  Ebay $12,962 million
  18.  KFC $12,895 million
  19.  Aldi $12,893 million
  20.  Lowe’s $12,115 million

“Shopping is no longer just about buying things,” WPP chief executive David Roth said.

“Often, a decision to shop is a search for entertainment – whether in a physical space or the virtual world. It can be a way of spending time with like-minded people, or being in an environment that reflects an individual’s values.

“Shopping is also a way of simply feeling good – what we used to call ‘retail therapy’. This explains why the BrandZ Top 75 Most Valuable Global Retail Brands includes brands specializing in everything from business suits and bras to bath oil and burritos. Today everyone is a retailer.”

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