Ebay launches Image Search technology on UK platform


Ebay has launched Image Search technology in the UK, allowing shoppers to search for items by entering a photo of their desired product.

Shoppers using the online retail platform will now be able to scour the site’s 1.1 billion items by using their smartphone camera and Ebay’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology.

Increased use of the technology by the platform’s users will refine the search tool, providing more accurate filtering and richer results for the images provided.

“Moments of shopping inspiration can come at any time, whether you’re walking down the street or browsing your social media feed,” Ebay UK vice president Rob Hattrell said.

“At Ebay, we’re focused on creating new complementary technology that helps our millions of customers.

“Whether this is helping buyers to easily find the things they love at the best value, or by surfacing relevant inventory from sellers on the platform in a new and engaging way.

“Ebay Image Search makes it possible for people to shop and sell on Ebay by using any image or photo that inspires them.”

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  1. What’s the point of taking a photo of something that’s hard to describe. Then receiving a result thats nothing to do with your search even harder to describe.


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