Rangers bosses await High Court ruling over Sports Direct dispute

Rangers Football Club are awaiting a High Court ruling over a merchandise dispute with Sports Direct owner Mike Ashley.

It’s the latest in a string of ongoing court appearances over Rangers merchandise and replica Rangers kits being sold at Sports Direct.

Back in July, Ashley claimed that Rangers bosses had committed a breach of contract.

The alleged breach relates to a deal that was about to expire between Sports Direct and SDI Retail Services that sells replica Rangers kits and other branded products in its stores.

Rangers had asked to sign a new deal with someone else, but SDI objected and said they should have the chance to match a new offer. 

In July, Justice Phillips had been due to analyse the evidence, but lawyers representing both sides said out-of-court agreements had been made.

Now the two sides are back in court, with Rangers disputing Sports Direct’s complaint.

Phillips said Rangers and SDI were negotiating another deal, and added: “I would really have thought the time has come to try to make peace.”

The judge was told that more than £500,000 had been spent on lawyers, with SDI running up legal costs of £350,000 and Rangers £185,000.

Phillips added that Rangers’ bosses should pick up the vast majority of SDI’s legal bills as well paying their own fees.

On Wednesday, lawyers representing SDI said Rangers had entered into an agreement with another company, following the hearing in July, which was a breach of contract.

Lawyers representing Rangers said bosses were not in breach of the terms of an agreement with SDI.

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