72% of Brits “too polite” to ask for refunds

The majority of Brits are “too polite” to ask for a refund, therefore causing a financial dilemma amid the peak festive shopping season.

According to a report from finance firm 118 118 Money, 72 per cent of survey respondents felt they were “too polite” to ask for a refund or replacement when faced with substandard goods or services.

The report gathered surveys from 1000 UK residents and found that 36 per cent of Brits would not return an item even if there was an issue, and avoiding conflict was the main reason behind it.

Fashion was the product to be returned the most, and 68 per cent of Brits have sent back at least one clothing item in the past year.

Eighty-four per cent of residents in Nottingham agreed with the statement “I am sometimes too polite to complain / request a refund or replacement”, and were closely followed by Norwich at 82 per cent, Manchester 77 per cent, Glasgow 76 per cent and Leeds 75 per cent.

The research also stated: “Females more vocal when it comes to unsatisfactory goods or service.”

118 118 Money managing director David Goodman said: “Our research found that the majority of Brits are not exercising their consumer rights when faced with substandard goods or services.

“Politeness and avoiding conflict were cited as key reasons for this, with the younger generations most likely to actively dodge these situations.

“One of the most surprising stats was that most of us wouldn’t ask for a refund if a holiday was not as advertised, and this hesitance or reluctance to speak up is ultimately costing consumers.”

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