Hands On with Asos’ virtual catwalk

Asos' Virtual Catwalk is a new way to see products in real life, helping shoppers view designs in their own surroundings. It takes the augmented reality experience a step further, so Retail Gazette took a closer look at how users can now put a 3D model in their home.

Asos virtual catwalk

Ever wondered what some new clothes would look like on a real-life model walking down the street before purchasing it? Asos has now made this a reality.

The online fashion retailer has introduced a virtual catwalk feature on its app, which allows consumers to experience the power of augmented reality with just the click of a finger.


It’s an augmented reality feature that’s found on the Asos app. It allows customers to view what products would look like on different size models, so that they can get an idea of how an item might fit their body shape.

The feature is developed as part of Asos’ partnership with AR company HoloMe, and is currently available on iOS 11.3 devices.

It will be trialled across 100 new-in Asos Design products.


Upon launching the app, customers can find the option to use the virtual catwalk feature by clicking on “Shop ASOS DESIGN with Virtual Catwalk”.

Asos virtual catwalk

Users can then find the various products that are available to view in AR, and are able to use the full feature by selecting a design of their choice.

Asos virtual catwalk

Once the user has selected a particular design, they can click on the arrow hexagon icon to view it on a real life model in real time.

Asos virtual catwalk

Users will then have to find a flat surface to point their device at while they wait for the catwalk model to appear on screen.

Asos virtual catwalk

Users can then view the model – who looks as if she’s right in front of their screen.

The model appears to move around, strutting left and right to show off the outfit.

Users can also choose to zoom in by walking closer to the model – offering a more focused view.

Asos virtual catwalk

Asos virtual catwalk











As well as being able to view the model from different angles, the user can also press the pause button if they prefer the model to stand still.

The feature also includes male models for certain menswear designs.

Asos virtual catwalk

Asos virtual catwalk











Asos virtual catwalk


The feature’s purchasing options remains the same, so regular users of the app will already recognise the usual process.

The app can be very effective for users that want to know how their outfit would look like outdoors or in a real-life scenario thanks to its realistic AR feature.

The feature is much more detailed than regular images of Asos’ models, because users can walk towards the model while holding their device and can walk to their side as well as press pause to see what the outfit would look like from a certain angle.


The app is designed for tech-savvy shoppers who are fairly conscientious when it comes to online shopping.

With Asos having recently updated its return policy, the feature also provides a better advantage for shoppers to stick with their bought item.

Nevertheless, it’s an entertaining feature and Asos is the first online fashion retailer to introduce it.

It follows the likes of Argos, who recently revealed its AR feature to allow shoppers to see what certain homeware products would look like in their homes.

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