Appeal launched after The Mall Walthamstow fire

The Mall Walthamstow fire
The Walthamstow Appeal has been launched to assist those affected by The Mall Walthamstow's fire last week. (Image: PA)
// Walthamstow Appeal launched for those affected by the fire at The Mall Walthamstow
// Appeal is led by Capital & Regional, owner of the north-east London shopping centre, and charity RetailTrust
// An initial £60,000 has been pledged on the appeal’s Just Giving crowdfunding page

A fundraising appeal has been launched for The Mall Walthamstow business owners and staff who have been adversely affected the shopping centre’s recent fire.

The Walthamstow Appeal is being led by Capital & Regional, the owner of the north-east London shopping centre, in partnership with industry charity RetailTrust and the Fashion & Textile Children’s Trust.

The appeal aims to support those employed at The Mall Walthamstow and who have been negatively affected by the serious fire which took place last week.

The Mall Walthamstow before the July 2019 fire
The Mall Walthamstow in happier days. The Walthamstow Appeal has been launched to assist those affected by the damage of the serious fire last week. (Image: Capital & Regional)

An initial £60,000 has been pledged on the appeal’s Just Giving crowdfunding page.

This pledge is made up of £25,000 each from Retail Trust and Capital Regional, plus a £10,000 contribution from Waltham Forest Council.

“The Mall is at the heart of the community in Walthamstow and we understand that the fire has had an impact on some people working in our stores in addition to the many people who work and live locally,” Capital & Regional chief executive Lawrence Hutchings said.

The Mall Walthamstow before July 2019 fire
The Mall Walthamstow before last week’s serious fire. The Walthamstow Appeal aims to help business owners affected. (Image: Capital & Regional)

“Our priority is to have the centre fully operational again as safely and promptly as possible,” Hutchings added.

“To this end, a number of stores have been able to open and others will do so in a phased manner, however it could take some time before those stores that were more seriously damaged can reopen.

“In the meantime, we are working very hard to provide help and support to those experiencing hardship as a result of the fire, including this partnership with the two foremost charities in our sector to offer additional financial and emotional assistance.”

RetailTrust chief executive Richard Boland said: “The initial response to these unforeseen events is a need for emotional support and counselling for individuals affected.

“We have set aside a sum of up to £25,000 initially to help those individuals who may over the coming weeks suffer financial or other hardship as a result of the fire.

“As the trade’s charity it is our duty not only to address the short-term situation but help wherever we can with longer term solutions.”

The fire came almost a year after The Mall Walthamstow secured planning permission for an 86,000sq ft expansion.

Work was set to commence in 2020, five years after Capital & Regional undertook a full refurbishment of the centre.

The plans included space for 12 new retailers and 460 new homes situated above it.

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  1. I recall another major fire 10 years ago.
    In my opinion the whole mall should be demolished and replaced with a modern high rise for shopping/office/residential purposes. I particularly admire the japanese model which works effectively and maximises floor space.

  2. There are a LOT of grammatical errors in this article. You have spelt “Walthamstow” at least 3 different ways in this, for starters

  3. We have enough new development in Walthamstow every where you turn there are new builds of homes. We need our shopping area. It’s bad enough we can’t park in and around Walthamstow with all the restrictions. The council is all about what they can get from tax payers and are not thinking about the well being of its community. I use to love living here and now I’m being ridiculed to stay indoors. They want to run us from our community. Ridiculous


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