5 minutes with Jake Weatherly, CEO, SheerID

Tell me about SheerID

SheerID is the leader in identity marketing—a new form of personalisation brands use to identify and acquire consumer tribes, such as the military, students, teachers, and more.

For example, ASOS, a clothing retailer, uses SheerID to reach younger consumers by providing a special 10% discount for all college students. SheerID’s Identity Marketing Platform verifies that everyone who redeems the offer is actually eligible for it.

This verification process “gates” the offer and ensures it is truly personalised for the target group, which makes the offer highly appealing. Because the offer is specific to students, they share it broadly with other students in their network, expanding ASOS’ reach  and reducing acquisition costs.  Verification also ensures that only students receive the offer, which protects the brand from discount abuse and preserves its margins.

What are SheerID’s clear differentiators compared to other products in the same market?

There are three primary reasons why retail brands choose SheerID.

The first is that we offer the most comprehensive digital verification solution in the industry. Our platform uses 9000 authoritative data sources around the world to immediately verify a customer is actually a member of the target group. And customers never have to leave the brand’s website, so the verification is a streamlined, user-friendly purchase experience.

The second is that we enable consent-based, privacy-friendly marketing. Shoppers opt-in to the offer by providing a few basic pieces of information, such as their name, email address, and school they attend. And SheerID never shares or sells any customer data.

Finally, our customers can leverage insights and best practices on their identity marketing campaigns based on our work with more than 200 leading brands.

Why should retailers invest in SheerID?

Retail brands invest in SheerID to more efficiently and effectively acquire new customers.

In today’s media landscape, it’s becoming more and more difficult to stand out in the marketplace—consumers receive more than 5,000 messages every day. Personalised offers implemented with SheerID break through this noise and engage shoppers because they recognize deep aspects of a shopper’s identity, such as their life stage, occupation, or affiliation.

Retailers who run identity marketing programs also harness the powerful social networks of their audience. More than 80% of students who receive a gated, personalised offer share it with their friends. And 76% of the military and 78% of teachers report hearing about gated, personalised offers through word of mouth.

Who are some of your noteworthy candidates?

We work with many global retail brands, including ASOS, Nike, Levi’s, Converse, Urban Outfitters, Target, Uniqlo, and J. Crew.

Our platform is also used by many leading streaming companies—Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, SoundCloud, Pandora, and Tidal.

Our software customers include Facebook, Tableau, and Alteryx. And we work with travel brands like Expedia and Frontier, and telecom giants like ATT, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

How has SheerID helped their businesses?

SheerID helps brands increase customer acquisition while lowering costs. For example, when Purple, an innovative direct to consumer mattress company, launched a personalised offer to the military community, it increased its conversion rate by 6x and generated an ROAS of 25:1.

We also help brands deepen customer loyalty. Our software and streaming media customers often have special offers for students because they know students have limited income and are literally their next generation customer. The companies nurture those students, who then carry the software into the workplace when they graduate, or fall in love with the media platform and become lifelong users.

These investments pay off. For example, a streaming media customer reported that students who subscribe through the discount convert to full price when they graduate at rates as high as 98%.

How does SheerID help address the challenges that retail marketers face?

SheerID gives brands the opportunity to leverage the power of personalisation in a way that respects consumer privacy. When retailers invite shoppers to take advantage of a personalised offer and verify eligibility with SheerID, it makes shoppers feel special and fosters an emotional connection and level of trust that is hard to come by otherwise.

Brands can then build on that foundation by providing ongoing offers, which deepens the relationship and turns one time buyers into lifelong customers.

Our customers report that these offers increase basket size and shopping trips throughout the year.

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