Ultimate guide to calculate ROI of CX


Need to calculate the ROI of your CX Initiatives?

Our online session on how to calculate the ROI of CX is now available.

With Forrester predicting in 2020 that one out of four CX pros will lose their jobs, more specifically those who are unable to articulate the value of their CX program (Predictions 2020: Customer Experience, Forrester, Oct 2019 ), can you actively say you know the ROI of your CX program? 

Show me how

The session will empower you with:

  • a comprehensive overview of the steps needed to calculate your ROI
  • the key step – assessing your current CX maturity
  • how to get executive buy-in with an effective measurement program

Using our recent study with the CX Institute, we enable you to define the Return on CX initiatives in business terms such as reduced churn rates, increased Customer frequency and ultimately bottom line increase.

Are you ready to calculate ROI of CX?

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