Brits must stop “unnecessary” panic buying, Tesco CEO Dave Lewis urges

Tesco Dave Lewis panic buying covid-19 pandemic lockdown
Tesco CEO Dave Lewis maintained that there was no need to stockpile as food supplies were plentiful
// Tesco urges customers not to panic buy
// CEO Dave Lewis said there is enough stock so customers should buy as normal

Tesco chief executive Dave Lewis has reportedly called on customers to not return to a state of “unnecessary” panic buying after prime minister Boris Johnson revealed tougher measures for the retail sector.

Following the PM’s speech at the House of Commons on Tuesday, speculation arose over whether there could be stockpiling, or panic buying, of groceries similar to that seen in March.

Grocers across the UK were forced to speed up their supply chains and introduce purchase limits during the national lockdown, which meant rationing toilet rolls and other products such as pasta and hand sanitiser.


Johnson said retail workers must now wear face masks from Thursday or retailers will be fined, and the hospitality sector must shut stores at 10pm.

Tesco maintained that there was no need to stockpile as food supplies were plentiful, Sky News reported.

Lewis attempted to reassure shoppers by saying the food industry managed last time, “so there’s very good supplies of food”.

“We just don’t want to see a return to unnecessary panic buying because that creates a tension in the supply chain that’s not necessary,” he said.

He urged customers to continue to buy as normal, despite infection rates soaring in the UK.

Toilet roll sales increased over the past week as retailers prepare for a strong demand in staple items.

Over the past week, sales of toilet rolls have soared by 23 per cent, according to manufacturer WEPA Group, which produces toilet paper and kitchen towels for the UK market.

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  1. Hopefully if they see certain items being purchased more than usual again they will put limits in place straight away rather than waiting till it is too late like before !


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