The Big Picture: the role of video, photography, and content in enhancing the digital retail experience

With the retail sector facing some of its biggest challenges ever and transitioning to even more of a digital model, customer experiences have become more important for retailers as they look to the future. As a matter of fact, according to new Nuxeo research, 54% of UK shoppers would change from a favoured retailer to a competitor if the overall digital experience did not meet their expectations.

As all eyes focus on online retail, content such as product information, photos, videos have become the essential part of the customer experience – and retailers and brands with the best content will stand out. But it runs deeper than that. The pandemic has necessitated a new way of working, meaning processes such as resource approval and packaging development need to be done digitally, and at speed.

In this webinar discover what the shift to online retail means for your content strategy, what brands are leading the way in this space, and how a digital asset management platform can help you:

  • Centralise your vision of all content and creative assets
  • Digitise your business processes for better efficiency
  • Accelerate speed to market
  • Provide an exceptional customer experience

Watch the webinar here!


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