Boden is first big retailer to remove sequins

Boden storefront - sequins
Plastic sequins have been removed from Boden's clothing collections in a bid “to keep our oceans happy”.
// Boden has removed sequins and glitter from its clothing collection
// The clothing retailer will use eco-friendly alternatives instead

Boden is the first major retailer to permanently remove sequins from its clothing collections in a bid “to keep our oceans happy”.

The British brand has announced that it has stopped using sequins and glitter across its ranges because of concerns the plastic embellishments could be washed into waterways during the manufacturing and laundering process.

Boden has said it would find more environmentally-friendly ways to give dresses, jumpers and other items some extra “pizazz”, including decadent fabrics, embroidery and glittering yarns.

Other fashion retailers and brands are expected to follow suit, whether they choose to  eliminate sequins and glitter entirely or make a move towards more eco-friendly alternatives such as recycled plastic and plant-based sequins.

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John Lewis, which stocks Boden, described the ban as a “bold step” and said it wanted to use “more sustainable versions” of sequins across its own collections in the future.

Philippa Grogan, of desustainability consultancy Eco-Age, said the ban was a “potentially pivotal moment in addressing fashion’s dependence on fossil fuel-based materials”. 

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