In pictures: M&S opens new concept store in Stevenage

M&S has opened its new concept store in Stevenage
M&S has opened its new concept store in Stevenage
// M&S has opened a new concept store at the Roaring Meg retail park in Stevenage
// The store features clothing, a marketplace-style foodhall with ‘Fill Your Own’ stations, a beauty department, an opticians and a 174-seat cafe

M&S has opened a new concept store in the former Debenhams ‘store of the future’ at the Roaring Meg retail park in Stevenage.

The 75,000 sq ft M&S store spans two floors and houses clothing, food, kidswear, a beauty department, an opticians and a 174-seat cafe.

The foodhall follows M&S’s new marketplace-design and includes ‘Fill Your Own’ stations. The retailer said the store would bring a “bigger, better, fresher shopping experience”.

M&S' clothing department is very light, bright and spacious
M&S’ clothing department is very light, bright and spacious
M&S Stevenage denim department
The store has an impressive denim department
M&S Stevenage Goodmove
Athleisure brand Goodmove, which is now M&S largest in-house brand, has a dedicated section in store
M&S Stevenage foodhall
The foodhall is designed to look like a marketplace
M&S Stevenage wine aisle
The M&S store has an extensive wine selection


M&S Stevenage wine

The shop also has plenty of checkouts for speedy service, a mobile Scan & Shop option, which is available via the M&S App, and a click-and-collect service.

M&S Stevenage scan and shop
Technology such as Scan & Shop has been brought into store

Store design expert John Ryan, editor of Newstores, was impressed by the store. He said: “This really does look like a large slice of a possible way forward for the retailer, particularly as regards clothing and home.

“What marks this out both as a store of the future and as different from almost any other branch that might be mentioned is that it feels like one enterprise.”

“If Marks & Spencer can draw lessons quickly from what has been done here and take it elsewhere, its clothing and home will be in with a real fighting chance.”

M&S Stevenage fresh fruit
Fresh produce takes centre stage in the foodhall
M&S Stevenage beauty department
M&S Stevenage has a vast beauty department
M&S Stevenage kidswear
Kidswear is also housed in the 75,000 sq ft store
M&S Stevenage fitting room
M&S Stevenage fitting room

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  1. By closing the Welwyn Garden City store. What used to be a short walk in, would be a trek into Stevenage, which isn’t attractive at the best of times. You’ve lost a heck of a lot of customers by closing the Welwyn branch.

    • You’ve also lost your Next branch. It’s the way the cookie crumbles at the moment. Both Next and M and S are doing this. If they invest in a new branch a nearby older branch will suffer.

      M and S clothes are not that great in my view anyway but the food is still good and that’s the way they are going with less general stores and more food stores. We lost our general store in 2019 despite it being a money maker. Be worried for the future as footfall without a Next or M and S will be dire.

  2. Won’t be long till this store (if they haven’t already) fill all the clothing sections with 3rd party brands and wind back on there own label clothing like they have done in many other there full line stores. M&S clothing section or GM as they call it is slowly turning into a Debenhams almost.

  3. Love the store , great design layout. 3 hrs free parking. Just need to sort out the self scan, if your items have tags on you get to set the alarms off upon leaving the store. Which then you have stand there like a shop lift waiting for someone to check your shopping and remove the tags. Took away the “Sparks” out of Marks! and to top it all the lovely booklet that was handed to us on entering the store had a 10% off Voucher which we were not made aware of. So when you have just spent £450. Leaves a bitter taste. What would have been a score of 10/10 becomes a 1/10. We expect better from our favorite high street brand.

  4. Lets face it, it’s not what this town wanted all it has done is cause huge queues of traffic in the roaring meg because of people with nothing better to do than flock out to see a shop being opened like it’s a tourist attraction.

  5. 1st visit today. Can’t say I was overly impressed. Only 1 bus service to M&S site and with all the hold ups took an hour to get there from WGC. Will have another visit when store has settled in, otherwise it is London Colney for me.

  6. Well I’m delighted that our Stevenage now has a fabulous Marks and Spencers once again,as the town has been hit hard with so many closures, Thank you for returning,

  7. We deserve to have our Marks and spencer back in Stevenage lovely store and very helpful staff “well done Marks and Spencer

  8. Been to the new Stevenage store it is fantastic, it is unlike any other M&S store. They have done an exceptional job fitting it out, I can understand why it took so long now. It has a huge range unlike when it was Debenhams even though its the same size. Much more on offer in the Men’s department and a very large Home department and a huge Foodhall with the chance to taste wine and coffee. All the staff were very friendly and helpful even though it is exceptionally busy. Only negatives are some issues in the cafe with the automated ordering and long waits ( no fault of the staff) and lack of parking. But in a few weeks when it dies down im sure this will improve. It is a great addition for the town and wider community, great for jobs etc. sad for WGC but M&S have been evaluating there business for years now.

  9. Loved the store and the layout .. missed having no menus in cafe and not much for lunch times .. but hopefully that will improve .. well done M& S


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