Mums call on Government to reduce living costs

Britain‘s mums are calling on the Government to help reduce the cost of living as rising costs are now three times as pressing as youth unemployment, according to a survey released today.

Ahead of the Chancellor‘s Budget announcement next week, supermarket Asda‘s Mumdex report revealed that 78 per cent of mums want the Government to help reduce utility costs and two-thirds have called for the three pence per litre fuel duty increase to be scrapped.

As results emerged, Asda cut the price of fuel by three pence-per-litre in a bid to reduce pressure on strained family finances.

Household bills are now less manageable than they were 12 months ago, according to 70 per cent of respondents while 80 per cent stated that their outgoings have increased over the past year.

Celebrating its first anniversary today, Mumdex has highlighted the struggles of ordinary families, said Asda‘s Chief Operating Officer Judith McKenna.

“Last year mums told us they were cutting luxuries,” she commented.

“However, it‘s no longer just about saving money on holidays or big–ticket items.

“Now it‘s getting much more serious, with families having to forgo the very basics they need to survive, such as heating and transport.

“It‘s no surprise that when we asked mums what they wanted the Chancellor to do in next week‘s Budget, they focused on these basics – asking for help with reducing utility bills, freezing fuel duty and increasing the personal tax allowance.”

Half of respondents want to prioritise an increase in personal tax allowance with six in ten mums noting they can no longer afford to turn on the heating for as long as is needed while half of mums only part fill up their petrol tanks in a bid to save money.

Saving is becoming more difficult in the current climate with 55 per cent of mothers saving less than they did a year ago with half being forced to dip into savings last year.

As such, budgeting is becoming increasingly prevalent and three quarters regularly compare supermarket product prices.

McKenna concluded: “Our mums also told us that we have a role to play too.

“By continuing to keep the cost of essential items – like bread, eggs, milk and butter – down, we can help them keep more money in their pocket. So that‘s what we are going to continue to do”.


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