Sunday, October 17, 2021

Smash-and-grab at Selfridges

Police are investigating an attempted smash-and-grab robbery at luxury department store Selfridges after two men tried to raid the retailer‘s Oxford Street store last night.

At about 8.30pm, two men armed with axes entered the store and smashed glass cabinets, making off with a number of items before making off on a moped, according to reports.

After coming off the moped, the pair, one of whom was wearing a burka, were stopped by members of the public and held until police arrived.

Selfridges said on its official Twitter account yesterday that no one was hurt in the incident while one witness told the BBC that he heard the moped crashing around a mile away from the store.

“Someone noticed a bag had fallen off the moped and that it had opened and a bunch a watches fell out,” Matthew Carrozo said.

“The duffle bag was full of watches and jewellery.

“The first guy pegged it down Charlotte Street and then he was held to the ground as other people were getting involved. He really put up a struggle.

“When cops turned up they put him in the back of a van and he was kicking and screaming.”

One of the arrested men was taken to hospital while a second is currently in custody and a Metropolitan Police spokesman said: “It is not currently known how many people were involved.

“Armed officers attended but no shots were fired.”

Selfridges thanked the public for its support and noted that the store is open for business as usual today.


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